Mustafavi Students Movement Sisters

“Building nation with peace & knowledge”

Mustafavi Students Movement Sisters


  • To enlighten the minds and souls of young generation by directing their lives in the light of guidance attained from Holy Quran and the life of Holy Prophet (PBUH).
  • To appraise the significance of social responsibilities that the individuals have towards the society by drawing their attentions to the real issues of Pakistan.
  • To create social awareness among the people so that an educated lot can actively participate in the national stream.
  • To outline the educational objectives of the students by providing a guidance in every possible manner.
  • To engage the students in the social welfare projects.
  • To develop the leadership potential of youth through experiential learning, volunteer experiences and social awareness campaigns.
  • To create an environment of peaceful co-existence by establishing good relations with different ethnic and religious groups.

Dimensions of work:

  1. Religious
  2. Peace promotions
  3. Socio-welfare
  4. Educational
  5. Social media


In the context of peace awareness sessions by MSM sisters students are organised voluntarily in universities and colleges under these societies.

  • The Literary Club
  • The Socio-welfare society
  • The Research Society
  • Al-Rohiya club
  • Social Media Cell

The Literary Club

‘Ideas worth spreading’

Activities (for promotion of peace)

  • Articles and columns
  • Master Mind Quiz Contest
  • Debating contests
  • Pioneers of Pakistan & ideology of Pakistan
  • Danish-kaddah


Danishakaddah plays a pivotal role in providing a healthy academic environment to the students for spreading peace by engaging them in various activities and projects. Danish-kaddha (Parliamentary style Debate) is aimed to inculcate the awareness regarding peace and eradication of extremism which is organizing in different institutes and cities on monthly basis to resolve the contentious and personality conflict issues in the light of Quran, Sunnah and research-based knowledge.


  • To develop the visionary and peaceful character among the youth in a highly professional environment
  • To provide a space for the discussion over contemporary issues of behaviour management and conflict resolution
  • To develop the tolerance in literary class by expressing and listening the multiple arguments causing mental distortion
  • To develop harmony in young minds
  • To develop the compatibility in contemporary academia peace approach and Quranic teachings
  • To develop the rational and visionary approach towards Islamic teachings


These topics are being discussed in Danish-kaddah sessions

  • Islam on Love and Non- Violence
  • Islam on Mercy & Compassion
  • Muhammad The Merciful
  • Peace, Integration and Human Rights
  • Relation of Muslims and Non-Muslims
  • Islam on Serving Humanity
  • The Supreme Jihad
  • Fatwa on Terrorism and Suicide Bombings
  • Muhammad The Peace Maker
No.of Danish Kaddah sessions Total number of institutions Total number of students
30 10 600

Mustafavi Students Movement Sisters


“Let’s serve the society and become dream givers”


  • Peace walks
  • Peace counselling sessions

Mustafavi Students Movement Sisters


“Inspire with knowledge”


  • Diploma on peace and counter terrorism
  • Research papers to promote Islam & peace in its true essence
  • Event based activities
  • Individual Projects
  • Group Projects

Diploma peace and counter terrorism

Comprehending the urgent and immediate need of time, MSM sisters feel it incumbent upon itself to introduce DPCT for the Educational institutes. Diploma in Peace and Counter-Terrorism pursues to impart students, academics and researchers with deep knowledge of Peace and Counter-Terrorism in perspective of Quran & hadith.


The main objectives of DPCT are:

  • To explore the Islamic Concept of Peace
  • Identify, Explain and Resolve the confusions made by terrorist
  • To justify their claims legally.
  • To equip our audience with academic tools supported with irrefutable references.


On Peace & Counter Terrorism (For Young People and Students).

No.of DPCT Total number of institutions Total number of students
15 15 550

Mustafavi Students Movement Sisters

 Al-Rohiya Club

“Way to purity”


  • Peace seminars in the light of Seerah
  • Halqat-e-Durood
  • Spiritual gatherings for peace meditation.
  • Sufi Kalam, Qawali and Sufi Nights

Mustafavi Students Movement Sisters

Through these various activities hundreds of students are being titled peace promoters under the umbrella of MSM sisters.

No of Universities No of districts No of classes No of students No of participants
12 11 90 2500 30

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