MYL (Sisters) Newham organizes Nasheed recitation classes

Upon the arrival of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) the young girls of the Ansar sang the renowned nasheed, ‘Tala al Badru Alaina’ to welcome the Prophet (S.A.W) into their city. With the intention of following this tradition, the Muslim Youth League (Sisters) in Newham, London, started a nasheed course on Friday 15th January.

This course will continue for 12 weeks. The course is aimed at 5 to 16 years old who have a keen interest in reciting nasheeds. The course instructor, MYL sister Nur Adeela, has been successfully teaching the class. The course objectives are to inculcate a deep-rooted and cordial attachment to Allah and to His Beloved Prophet (S.A.W) through reciting verses in their praise. Need was felt to introduce students to the many forms of poetry in the traditional art of nasheed recitation, including the Qasida, Manqabat, Kalaam etc.

The nasheed class is being run successfully by the MYL sisters with many students attending the 12-week course bringing with them a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. The students will be taught to recite nasheeds in a plethora of languages including Urdu, English, and Arabic. It was felt that more nasheed performers are needed by MYL as many requests are made for sisters to recite nasheeds in different languages at various different events. The students will be able to memorize, practice and recite a minimum of 3 Nasheeds, one of which will be of their own choice. The one-hour long lessons are carefully structured so that each student receives enough attention to improve the pitch, tone and level of his voice as well as corrects his pronunciation and boosts confidence.

Some of the young sisters have already started performing and will inshallah perform nasheeds at MYL and MWL events in future as well. A special thank-you goes out to all the MYL sisters including Sister Nur Adeela, Sister Sana Asif (class assistant), Sister Halima Ansar, HSister Saba Hussain and Sister Anbreen Hussain (MYL Newham Co-ordinate) for their help with advertising and their continued support.

Reported By: Anbreen Hussain